Can CropBioLife help tea growers reduce pesticide usage?
Posted by: Peter
March 16, 2017
Like in many other crop industries, tea growers face massive challenges. For example, growers are faced with the threat of climate change, pests, diseases, and the economic challenges to treat these threats effectively and sustainably.

Growers are forced to use a variety of pesticides to protect their crops in the face of the above-mentioned challenges. The consequences for tea consumers the world over are obvious. Tea is often associated with a healthy lifestyle, but there is a growing concern over the use of toxic additives in tea plantations. For example, Food Research International found that the consumption of tea in the UK was leading to many consumers exceeding the limit of recommended daily intake of flourine.

Furthermore, many non-organic tea brands contain traces of carconogenic compounds.

CropBioLife and CropBioLife - O foliar spray is a certified OIM (Organic Input Material) by many organic input certifying bodies the world over. It contains only natural ingredients. The question is, can CropBioLife help growers reduce the pesticide load used on tea plantations, thus aiding growers to invest in the safety aspect of global food security since tea is such an important crop the world over.

The key ingredient in CropBioLife and CropBioLife-O are flavonoids. These flavonoids are secondary metabolites that assist the plant in nutrient uptake.

Some of our customers in other crop categories have reported a reduction in their pesticide usage because the use of CropBioLife helped improve the health of their crops, completely naturally. Because a crop is healthier, it is able to combat insect pests and disease easier.

And the results for tea are promising. Our customers have reported healthier plants - healthier leafs and plant stalks.

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