How can flavonoids help with grape shatter?
Posted by: Peter
February 23, 2017

A bit about shatter...

The term 'Shatter' in vineyard management refers to the phenomenon that occurs in grape bunches where they fail to mature and develop. These grape bunches remain stunted for the duration of the season. grape bunches that have experienced shatter cannot be harvested.

The mechanism behind shatter within the plant is that in order for the plant to survive challenging environmental conditions, it must preserve itself and sacrifice its fruit. In other words, if there is not enough available energy, the plant will use the energy it has to preserve itself rather than allocating energy to flowering and fruit development.

Susceptibility to shatter varies across variety - for example Malbec and Grenache are highly susceptible.

Can flavonoids help?

Ther is strong evidence that flavonoids can help with Shatter. For example, in the Mornington Peninsula in Southern Australia, they experienced a very cold start to the summer. Cold air at such a critical point in young berry development is just the kind of environmental condition that can be a catalysing agent for shatter.

Vineyards in the Mornington pennisula have used a combination of flavonoids and Boron to help with nutrient transfer to help combat shatter and act as an insurance policy to protect against this phenomenon. Because flavonoids can help a plant assimilate nutrients more effectivley, the plant can better cope with unexpected environmental conditions that may lead to shatter.

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