Flavonoids for better plant health in tomatoes

Flavonoids provide improved health and reduction in plant stress for tomato growers

Posted by: Robert
July 19, 2016
FLAVONOIDS are compounds found in fruits and vegetables that protect against cardiovascular disease in humans. Flavonoids are also linked to the prevention of cancer and certain age related diseases - this is largely because of their antioxidant properties.

In plants, flavonoids are produced in response to stresses, such as weather, drought, disease, pests and poor soil. Flavonoids also enable the plant to produce the correct pigments to attact pollinators and they play a large role in the soil by aiding the rhizobia signaling mechanism that takes place in the rhizosphere around the root system.

From our experience, tomatoes are a plant that responds very well to the flavonoids in CropBioLife.

Flavonoids are naturally occuring secondary metabolites that help a plant remain better balanced through periods of challenging environmental conditions. Therefore, CropBioLife applied tomato plants are better able to cope with environmental stress, and in turn, can channel more of their energy into developing healthy foliage and nutritious fruit.

CropBioLife not only supplements the flavonoids that the plant already create, but also encourages the production of more flavonoids in the plant.

Some of our customers in the Salinas valley use CropBioLife and have had excellent results. Because the type of stresses that ranchers in California often see are related to drought, the flavonoids in CropBioLife can help tomatoes thrive in periods of no or very little available water.

The experiences that our customers have had vary (particularly by varietal and determinate/inderminate types). Here are some of them:
  • Better quality fruit
  • Higher yields
  • Higher Brix values
  • Higher levels of nutrients and minerals
  • More vigorous growth
  • Larger, fuller plant canopies
  • Better able to cope with plant stress

Have a look at the video below where Jess Sanchez talks to Peter about CropBioLife on his processed tomatoes in the Salinas Valley:

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